Digital Signs for Retail

Selling wire is hard. How do you convince a consumer that the 4 Ga Oxygen Free Copper is better for them than this 4 Ga Copper Clad Aluminum? Up until now we have a piece of each we offer and show to customers followed by explaining why OFC is better for them then CCA. One of our manufacturers reps showed us a great YouTube video showing the differences and explaining in much more depth.

So we started kicking around how to show this YouTube video on a TV or computer near our wire selection.

After looking at a flyer from a local distributor for an advertising system for our facility, I couldn’t see spending 200-300 bucks for a closed system that would do nothing but annoy me with its limitations.

So I started looking for a PC based solution. But dedicating a PC to run a TV just seemed like overkill. So I looked at a bunch of options. ChromeCast? Nope. Android on a Stick? Nope. No good kiosk application that wasn’t way more complicated than I was willing to learn. A good friend of mine uses a Raspberry Pi in his business. After looking around and for the cost I bought one.

We are about a week into it, but it has worked out awesome. It took roughly 2 hours to learn how to do this, but it now only takes an 1/2 hour to get a device up and running. Now will the SD Cards go bad? Probably. But who cares. This was fun and cheap.

Parts Needed:
I used a ProScan TV. Not the best TV, but an awesome monitor.
Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Case
Micro USB Cord
Raspberry Pi WiFi Dongle
USB Keyboard and Mouse

In the next blog post, I will cover what it takes to get it all working.