Breeline pledges help to startups

Entrepreneurs just getting off the ground floor and needing direction and expert help don’t have to struggle anymore. Breeline, an order fulfillment provider, is the ideal partner that offers a range of services to help startups find their footing in the marketplace.

Startup ventures tend to face many challenges. So, selecting the reliable and savvy order fulfillment provider can mean the difference between success or failure. Breeline has a track record in the industry, offers startups a unique set of specific services aimed at craving out strong niches and building brands.

Extra help

Startups can look forward to mentorship or coaching from the company. Mentoring help also allows them a comprehensive view of what’s involved in making order fulfillment successful.

“We help startups understand supply chain administration, selection of delivery methods, sourcing of packing materials, and other related operational functions so they can make more informed decisions,” Breeline states on its website at

Industry standout

Not all order fulfillment providers offer the extent of services to startups that Breeline does. For example, Shipwire, Shiphero and Flowspace offer no targeted assistance to startup ventures, according to their websites.

Shipwire offers 3rd-party shipping services, including direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, e-commerce marketplace fulfillment, retail fulfillment and drop shipping. ShipHero, on its website, says that its company helps business clients grow their businesses and offers solutions that solve complex problems. And Flowspace says it meets its customers where they are and helps them reach a wider market with the convenience of omnichannel fulfillment.

More than coaching & mentoring

In addition to coaching and mentoring, startups can leverage Breeline’s inventory management system. This system makes suggestions on the optimum inventory level for business clients based on past supply, demand, and forecast data from its artificial intelligence platform.

Startups are notified when they have low inventory in stock or when inventory near expiration date. These resources, paired with advanced systems, give startups a better handle on inventory management. This information saves them from having to worry about losing revenue if items remain unsold or have to be returned due to an expired date.

The company also uses technology to ensure startups can compete in the marketplace. Breeline has real-time tracking systems, customized API integrations, numerous shipping options, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and cutting-edge business analytics backed by a powerful algorithm that supports the financial success of startups and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

 Discounts and savings for startups

Breeline’s additional discounts and savings for startups give these ventures a chance. Its various service plans and rates are easy for startups to understand, making it easier for budgeting. And the company’s IT is free to startups.

With a large global network of shipping carriers, the company can negotiate the best shipping rates from major shipping carriers and pass on savings to all its business clients, including startups.

“Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from similar companies. Think of us as an extension of your existing staff,” Breeline states on its website at “We will take the time to learn about your operation and align ourselves with your business.”