Centexp dedicated to helping startups succeed

Startups, accelerators, seed venture capital businesses and incubators can fast track their success when they partner with Centexp, an order fulfillment company that works with new entrepreneurs.

“A big part of making this journey fruitful is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals,” the company says on its website at Centexp.com. “When attempting to launch a new venture, entrepreneurs and small business owners face numerous challenges. We have first-hand experience with our own company and hundreds of startups that we have helped establish over the years.”

The challenges

New entrepreneurs face a host of unique challenges. But tackling those obstacles and building a sturdy foundation will be a lot easier with help from an experienced order fulfillment provider.

Challenges include unpredictable order volume, fluctuating orders that can strain inventory and working capital. Centexp works with startups to address these issues that might affect business growth.

Targeted help

Centexp has a Startup Aid Program dedicated to helping new online retail stores get off the ground. These startups get access to the company’s technology, distributed warehouse, and a 25% discount off the first 3 months of order fulfillment services.

And the company offers educational resources detailing the order fulfillment process and how it helps startups succeed.

“Our primary goals are to empower small and mid-sized businesses to grow, boost their image via our order fulfillment services and employ innovative technology to solve complex problems,” the company states on its website.

The right partner

Some order fulfillment and third-party shipping providers do not cater to the unique needs of startup ventures.

Ships-A-Lot, an order fulfillment company, has no program on its website offering startups any focused help. But there are services available that could be of help to startups at some point during the fulfillment process.

Among those services are Ships-A-Lot’s relationships with partners that can provide transportation assistance. It also offers customized logistics programs through its transportation management software.

Ship-A-Lot services also include receiving, storage, picking, packing and shipping, kitting, and inventory return management that can be of help to startups.

Rakuten Super Logistics, an ecommerce fulfillment service provider, also does not offer startups with any targeted program. But startups can access information on the company’s website. Business owners can get information from eBooks and webinars to help grow ecommerce business.

Onboarding specialists are also available to help all business clients understand the company’s integration process.

Shipwire also offers no targeted assistance to startup ventures, according to their websites. The 3rd-party shipping services provider, however, includes direct-to-consumer order fulfillment, e-commerce marketplace fulfillment and retail fulfillment.

Startups can also use the company’s “end-to-end order fulfillment and logistics” and its global network of warehouses and advanced technology.

Support all the way

At Centexp startups get a lot of attention. These new entrepreneurs benefit from an improved supply-chain network, expansive delivery alternatives, intuitive tracking system, and a customized API integration. And that service comes with complementary support

“Our team has both the expertise and experience to make any startup a success,” the company says on its website at Centexp.com. “We believe in establishing relationships with customers and vendors that project dependability, reliability and are based on complete transparency.”