How to Maintain Your Pool’s Crystal-Clear Water

A clean and well-illuminated pool is the pride of summer parties. However, to ensure that the water in the pool is clean and enjoyable, you must practice it all the time. Besides aesthetics, proper ways to maintain the pools give swimmers a healthy aquatic environment.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to maintaining your pool’s crystal-clear water:

1. Maintain Proper Water Chemistry

A pool test kit or strips will help you know about chlorine or bromine, pH, and the amount of total alkaline in the water. Analyzing the results of the test, add or remove the necessary amount of chemicals to be at the standard concentration level. 

The chlorine or bromine level should be ideal so that the water can perform the task of disinfecting and eliminating bacteria. Pool water may get cloudy if the chemistry inside the pool has not been evenly balanced, more so because it can lead to skin and eye irritation among swimmers.

2. Shock Your Pool Periodically

Pool shock is also referred to as chlorination or bromination since it involves using a higher concentration of sanitizer to address bacteria and other issues not dealt with by a normal chlorine or bromine dosage. 

The general rule of thumb is that you should shock your pool after heavy use, heavy rain, or if there is algae growth or cloudy water. The type and amount of shock will depend on the size of the pool and the chlorine or bromine level, as directed by the manufacturer.

3. Address Surrounding Landscaping

There are often certain physical structures that are in direct contact with water, and these structures can be a receptor for many conditions that affect the water quality of the pool. The surrounding plants, such as trees overhanging the pool area, should be trimmed often so that they do not drop their leaves or litter the pool water. 

Suggested features to include are pool copings, which are pieces that run along the perimeter of the pool to ensure dirt and debris do not get into the water. Electrical lawn mowers retail with baggers enable one to reduce the chances of grass clipping falling in the pool by being blown by the wind. 

This ensures that there is a limited amount of organic matter entering the pool area, which may fuel bacteria that cause algae or affect the water quality.

4. Maintaining a Crystal-Clear Pool Throughout the Season

If you want to keep your pool water clear and appealing for swimmers all season, then you should dutifully adhere to these maintenance practices. In other words, the goal should be to address them as early as possible. 

Sometimes the imbalance could be small, or there could be debris on the disk, and handling them immediately avoids complex issues that arise. Should you find it hard to maintain the proper water chemistry of the swimming pool builders, asking the service provider or the contractor who built the pool can be of great help.