From Text to Visuals: Leverage A plus Content and Storefront for Brand Enhancement

You have done everything you could, but are you struggling to get noticed on Amazon?  With millions of products available on the site, it might be challenging to attract the interest of a potential customer.

Using Amazon A plus content is one method to raise sales and increase the visibility of your goods. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), usually referred to as A+ content, enables brand owners and Amazon sellers to present their items in a more enticing and educational manner. You may make a more captivating product listing that will help you stand out from the competitors by including photographs, videos, and thorough descriptions.

Another way to put your brand at the forefront is by enhancing your Amazon storefront design. One of the Amazon Advertising features that is available to sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry is the ability to create a dedicated Amazon Storefront. An Amazon Storefront, also known as a Store, is essentially your own unique, branded webpage on the platform that lets registered brands display their goods without being distracted by advertisements or goods from other companies. It will have the appearance and feel of an actual online retailer but with Amazon’s enormous customer base.

Now, back to A+ content. It is no secret that in order to succeed on Amazon as a seller, you need to stand out from the rest of your competitors. A great way to improve your product listings and thereby increase sales is to take advantage of the tools and features provided to Amazon sellers. The ability to create A+ content is one of the most effective features on Amazon. The main purpose of A+ content descriptions and pages is to garner your potential customer’s attention. It can further help you increase your conversion rates, brand awareness, and sales.

If you are new here, let’s go over Amazon A+ Content and what it entails. Amazon A+ Content is a distinctive tool within Seller Central that allows sellers to create captivating Amazon product descriptions for their Amazon listings. Previously known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is blessedly available to brand-registered sellers and all vendors. To add to that, this premium content feature is free to use. To take advantage of A+ content, you just need to register your brand under Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. Here are the eligibility requirements:

  • Brands must have a registered and active text or image-based trademark. This trademark must also appear on your products or packaging.
  • Brand Registry applications must be submitted by trademark owners.
  • Enroll your brand.

So what makes Amazon A+ content so important? Let’s conduct a small test. Would you, willingly, read through a large block of blandly written text, or would you rather read a visually-appealing content that only has a few sentences? The answer is quite simple. And this applies to your customers as well. A+ Content provides you with different modules so you can completely customize the look and feel of your Amazon product descriptions — keeping your potential customers engaged. You can customize your Amazon A+ Content to look however you want. You can also add rich media such as videos, images, infographics, comparison charts, and descriptive texts to make your content more appealing. All of these components help to showcase your product’s unique features and benefits more interestingly.

Now that you have learned the basics of Amazon A+ content, let’s move on to Amazon storefront. What exactly is an Amazon storefront, and how can you utilize it to boost your sales? Amazon storefront is a free-of-cost advertising tool to create a dedicated destination for your brand on Amazon. Your storefront will represent your brand and send a message to your customers to increase brand awareness. What’s more, is that designing a multi-page Amazon Store is truly easy with drag-and-drop-tiles and pre-designed templates, and you can also customize your store by adding your videos, images, and descriptions.

But you cannot just start an Amazon storefront just by registering your brand. You require a professional seller account instead of a free individual account. Although in the past Stores were only available to Amazon vendors, now any third-party seller can create an Amazon Store for free if they are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Now, let’s go over the benefits of creating an Amazon store. For one, having a really well-crafted brand storefront can help you stand apart from your competitors. It would be beneficial for you to learn that 90% of the information transmitted to our brains is visual! A high percentage of customers are compelled by the visuals of your content rather than the content itself. All of your products are displayed on your Amazon Store, which also informs customers about your brand. Customers may browse your whole product catalog in your store rather than having to look for each item separately. You also have the opportunity to showcase your brand’s story to build recognition and to instill trust in your customers. One of the biggest advantages of having an Amazon Store is the removal of competitor ads that can create a lot of distractions. Added to that, you have the chance to fully design your store with amazing photos, infographics, or even films for your products, allowing you to unleash your creative marketing potential.

If your brand is registered on Amazon you should definitely take advantage of Amazon storefront design and Amazon A plus content to funnel customers away from your competitor’s products and build your brand image. Creating an A+ content description along with a Brand Storefront might consume some time, but this is an investment that is worth all your time and effort. New to selling on Amazon? Don’t worry! If you have more questions or doubts, reach out to eStore Factory’s Amazon consultants for more information!